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15 March 2013 @ 10:58 pm
(Oneshot) Loves Me Not  
Title: (Oneshot) Loves Me Not
Author le_chocolats
Pairing: Inoobu, Hikanoo
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, angst
Warning: enjoy reading :)
Summary: Not before 'I love you'...

He loves me…

And went the first petal of a violet flower Inoo holds in his hand, torn off. He watched the tiny petal flew along the gentle afternoon wind, away and away from the bench he's currently sitting himself on, in this park.

"Yabu… Kota?" Inoo repeated the name the tall guy whom sitting next to him in class just mention while their hands still link to each other, on his first day of high school. He saw him nodding his head before his lips untie a smile. A smile so beguiling in which it skipped Inoo's heartbeat, before then sending its pulse a few notch faster and Inoo wondered, he wondered how someone could ever possibly do that just with one smile?

"But, Kou-chan is fine," Yabu told him and he can feel his hand squeezed his lightly when he said that. And Inoo couldn't help the leaking smile when Yabu's lips curved up higher into another smile. "And by the way, this guy here, he's Yaotome, Yaotome Hikaru," Yabu introduced another name, pointing the guy sitting right behind him. But, Inoo was too immersed with the smile, the sound of his voice, and the feeling that left by Yabu's hand in his, even after they withdrew each other's hands. He got himself stuck, looking at Yabu still, until a voice greeted him and had him averted his eyes to the person sitting behind Yabu.

And Inoo remembered glancing one quick smile with a slight bow at him, then after that, his eyes found its way back to Yabu.

He loves me not…

He torn off the second petal.

"Aren't you going home?" Inoo asked him with a voice that sounds a little too low, a bit too cautious, as he stood a few feet away from where Yabu's standing, next to their class's window. This might be the third time already Inoo caught Yabu there right after the school's over, when everyone's already emptied out the class. Yabu moved his gaze from the window to him and as he smiled at him, Inoo feels this fuzzy funny stirs in his stomach.

"I will," Yabu said. "In a moment…"

"Are you… waiting for someone?"

"Yeap," Yabu nodded lightly, once again casting his eyes outside the window, to their school's field where the member of the baseball club currently having their routine practice.

"Ah, you're waiting for Yaotome-kun?" Inoo asked, knowing that Yaotome Hikaru also the member of their baseball club. And then it was for the first time, Inoo heard the sound of Yabu's laugh.

"No," Yabu answered him with a little shook of the head before his laugh turned into a smile. "I'm waiting for him, the short guy with a red hat," he told him.

"A-arioka-kun?" Yabu nodded.

"He's been going to the same school as me and Hikaru since kindergarten. We live in the same neighborhood, our parents were the one suggested on going to the same school at first, and after that, we just keep going to the same school. And I've been waiting for him ever since then…" Inoo wasn't sure whether he was seeing things, but he saw something's different in Yabu's smile after he said that. It's still there, his smile is, but sadness gradually cloud it over. "I've been waiting for him to look at me," and there goes Inoo's favorite smile in the whole world, washed away with each words said.

He loves me…

And the third petal…

They're both couldn't help the leaking soft giggles when they spotted Hikaru fell asleep for the nth times during class, with his earphones on, vaguely some rock music could be heard through it. An idea came to Yabu's head and Inoo could only gave his curious look at him when Yabu carefully took off the earphones from Hikaru's ear and shoves the latter's music player into his bag. Yabu then put his index finger in front of his lips, signaling him to stay still and quiet.

"This will be our little secret," he half whispered the words to him. It was just a random small thing, hiding Hikaru's thing away. It doesn't even that important yet it got Inoo all giddy just by the idea of sharing this random trivial unimportant secret with him.

He loves me not…

The fourth petal…

"That's why I'm telling you to stop calling me at random hours in the night just to ask out some difficult math questions!" Inoo yelled out his frustration at Hikaru on their lunch time at school that day.

"I just want a little explanation, a little help, God, why are you fussing a lot over such small thing?" Hikaru sneered at him and the growing irritation was showing on Inoo's frowning's forehead.

"But you could've just call me at like what, 7 pm? Or 8 or 9 instead of calling me over and over passed midnight! Better yet, you could've just ask me on our lunch break or after school. I barely got enough sleep lately because of you!"

"True, I could've call you on those hours or between them, but I'm the type of person who's trying to solve the problem myself first before asking, so on those hour, I spent it thinking the questions through. It just happened I got stuck passed midnight! You're not the only one who barely got enough time to sleep here, missy~"

"You, stop it! Who are you calling missy here? This is how you treat me after the help I gave you and not to forget I've been sacrificing my sleeping hours just for you, you idiot-"

And Yabu's laughter immediately sent the argument to an end. It was just too amusing seeing how Inoo and Hikaru would just keep on arguing each other over small things time to time.

"You guys, you should just get together already. I've started to feel like watching a married couple each time you two fight," and it swept away all of Inoo's aggravation a few seconds a go, to hear Yabu said that. It wasn't the word Inoo wish to hear. For him to be with someone else, someone else but Yabu.

He loves me…

Now flew away the fifth petal…

"I hope you don't forget me when you come back home one day," Inoo forced a chuckle after his sentence. Struggling hard to fight back the tears that's about to come out his eyes while he pull all of his might to look at Yabu and smiles at him.

"I won't. You're my most favorite person on earth after all," Yabu said with his favorite smile in the whole world. But, still, it doesn't change the fact that he wasn't the person Yabu gave his heart to. And Inoo's heart pounded its most painful beat for the first time. The second one was when Yabu's back slowly disappearing into a departure's gate. And after that, each time his heart pound, the beat feels agonizingly painful.

He loves me not…

Inoo let go of the last petal he just torn off, out of his hand. He sighed as he looked up to the afternoon sky and realized he's been doing it a lot, sighing, after Yabu left to Paris to be with Arioka Daiki, the person who owns his heart. Still, the pain lingers, he even thinks it went even deeper without him being able to stop it.

"Stop looking at the sky, he's not there, he's in Paris, for God's sake," the familiar mocking tone instantly drove him off his thoughts. With annoyance lacing his face, Inoo looked over to the person whom sitting at the other end of the park's bench he's been sitting on.

"No, you stop following me around, Yaotome," he replied with an even intense mocking tone at the latter. He saw Hikaru had his amused smirk and it annoyed him even more. After Yabu left, Hikaru just strangely would show up around him randomly and oftenly. The random call at midnight even starts to change into a random call at random times. He's just keep showing everywhere, here and there, it drives Inoo mad, especially when Hikaru greeted him all graceful on the first day of university. Saying how it'd be fun because they will be once again classmate for Hikaru applied to the same university as him.

"You know, I think it would help you save your time a lot if you'd just call me Hika rather than calling me Yaotome or Hikaru each time, or worst calling me with my full name. Have you ever thought how many times you can call my name in 5 seconds if you call me Hika instead of Yaotome, Hikaru, or Yaotome Hikaru?"

"No, the thought never crossed my mind even once," he answered boldly, with plain sarcasm.

"It sure never," Hikaru smiled. "It sure never, because if it has, crossed your mind, even once, I think you'd end up falling for me instead of Yabu," and the sincerity in Hikaru's voice was the thing Inoo failed to catch.

"What are you talking about? God, you're just getting weirder," and the disappointment secretly seeping in Hikaru's smile at him was another thing Inoo failed to catch.

"Why don't you call me Hika from now on?"

"No, that's not going to happen. Beside why would I?"

"Why wouldn't you?"

"We're not even that close."

"But, I want you to," the way Hikaru calmly insisted really irked Inoo to no end.

"You don't own the authority to tell me what to do, in case you forgot."

"But, I want you to. Ever since the first day of high school. I told you, you can call me Hika, in case you forgot…"

"No, you didn't say-"

"Or in case you simply not listening. But, I told you," it felt awfully unfamiliar to see Hikaru talking with such tone, present with such intentness.

"B-but, I didn't hear it, I…," Inoo can feel his tone going low, and is it guilt now oozed his heart?

"You didn't, did you? You looked away from me too fast at that time Yabu introduced us, I thought it'd be impossible too for you to hear it. Yet I keep waiting for you to call me that in all those 3 years of high school, even now, wishing that my words at that time reached you somehow." And to this Hikaru, Inoo was in a complete lost on how to react. Feeling he'd rather face the usual infuriating Hikaru. "I really love your smile, the one you gave me when you looked at me the first time Yabu introduced us. I just couldn't get it out of my head, even after you looked away, even days after that. It's been the only smile you gave me that equals with thousands of smiles you gave Yabu every time, the thousands of smile I wish you would give me too. I do think you're the cutest when you're annoyed, but the smiles, I wish they were mine too…"

"You really need to stop-"

"And I never think it's fair for Yabu to have them, your smiles and your heart. He can't even protect them. That's why I'm taking them back from him, I don't care how long it'd cost me, on whatever length I have to go through to get it back, I'm taking them back from him."

Astounded, he might have, Inoo even found himself staying still when Hikaru took his hand with his, placing one flower petal right on the palm of Inoo's hand. "And I'll never let your petals runs out, not before 'I love you'. Ever."
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f e r i i n ♪: forbidden </3riinsomnia on March 15th, 2013 11:39 pm (UTC)
simple and...... lovely yet *swoons*
finally hikanoo there (>///////<)
le_chocolatsle_chocolats on March 16th, 2013 03:55 am (UTC)
Riiin, hiii, you're here~ thank you for dropping by, rin, btw sori bgt terakhir kmrn blm smpt bls komen lg T.T
f e r i i n ♪riinsomnia on March 16th, 2013 04:46 am (UTC)
lagi mencari hikanoo yg menghilang (??)

komen yang.. super panjang itu? ahahaha daijoubu daijoubu.
pasti lagi sibuk banget nget nget T^T
le_chocolatsle_chocolats on March 16th, 2013 05:21 am (UTC)
Jangan dicari, hikanoo ada di lemari gw hohohoho~ iya yg super panjang, ga jg krn sbuk nget2 sih, gw th emg lalai tingkat tinggi orgnya hadeuuu maaf ya T.T btw lo pake line ato whatsapp ga?
le_chocolatsle_chocolats on March 16th, 2013 05:27 am (UTC)
Ato bbm mungkin?? Gw lbh aktif di jejaring2 begitu soalnyee ohohoho~ kan mayan kta bisa ngubrul2in hikanoo sapa tau~
f e r i i n ♪riinsomnia on March 16th, 2013 05:55 am (UTC)
oo gitu ahahaha. sedih gue sekarang klo ngeliat mereka jauh"an T_T
ah. berarti.. saya dicampakkan ;__;

pake 22nya kok. LINE: riinsomnia. :Dv
le_chocolatsle_chocolats on March 16th, 2013 06:07 am (UTC)
Gyoooo maaaap T.T gw emg lalai kalo udh yg begini2. Btw gw udh add lw di line yak barusan~
(Deleted comment)
le_chocolatsle_chocolats on March 16th, 2013 03:56 am (UTC)
And thank you for dropping by~
(Deleted comment)
le_chocolatsle_chocolats on March 16th, 2013 02:41 pm (UTC)
Baik baik, lw apa kabar?
(Deleted comment)
le_chocolatsle_chocolats on March 17th, 2013 10:21 am (UTC)
Iya, many things came up, lg banyak yg ribet belakangan~ btw, gw gnti no hape, gw kyknya missed no lw dh sep
Auau_gravityfree on November 11th, 2014 09:56 am (UTC)
touched me ;A;