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02 March 2013 @ 06:09 pm
.(Oneshot) Forever  
Title: (Oneshot) Forever
Author le_chocolats
Pairing: Okayama
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst
Prompt: Easy
Warning: Enjoy reading :)))))
Summary: Stay, stay forever...

"I'm sorry…," his soft voice stopped him a few feets away from the dining table of their apartment when he just got back home that night.

The apology. The bouquet of beautiful white roses he's holding. Their dining table that serves romantic candlelight dinner for two with his-must-be-self-made Italian pasta and 2 glasses of their favorite white wine. How he smiles the smile he thought he'd never get to see ever again, under the dim intimate lighting of their apartment mixed with the soft glow of the candles. And the sight of him, standing there, waiting for him right beside the dining table when the day is Monday and the clock hasn't even strikes 9 or above it which feels awfully odd in a way it should not. All of that… all of that and it shouldn't be hard… it shouldn't be hard to just… forgive him…

The first thing he did when he reached back home was to turn on their answering machine as he makes his way to the kitchen to grab a glass of fresh orange juice from the refrigerator.

"First message, Monday, March 24, 7 p.m…" It said and then he heard his voice after the beep, "So hey, I wonder if you got my mail this afternoon, but anyway, I don't think I'd be able to make it to dinner tonight. I'm so sorry, I know I've promised you, but the design for the new building is due tomorrow, so I'm staying out in the office it seems. I'll make it up to you, I promise. Eat your dinner properly and quickly come to bed. I love you, Ryo-chan."

"Morning!" he cheerfully greeted him from the kitchen's island when he saw him came out of their bedroom struggling to fix his vest with his hands all occupied with rolls of his drawing papers. And he wonders if they'd get to eat breakfast in peace with his phone keeps ringing ever since so early in the morning.

"Your breakfast is almost ready. Would you like me to serve you the miso soup too?" he asked him while serving the omelet and bacon onto the plate.

"No, sorry, the meeting is starting soon and I'm running late actually…"

"O-oh, I can wrap up the breakfast so you can take it with you-"

"It's okay, I'll just grab breakfast later. Have a good day, pumpkin," he sealed his goodbye with a quick kiss on his forehead before rushing out of the door. The sound of the door shutting close leaves him wondering if they'd even get to eat breakfast together at all…

"To-toro?" disappointment surged through him in a matter of second after the word slipped out his mouth.

"It's only for a week, we need to do a site survey for the new project we've been…" And he barely heard the rest of what he's saying. Deafened by this disappointment that keeps growing inside him.

"Yeah, it's okay, I'll go pack your things right away," he said even before his boyfriend finished his words. Just calmly with a smile, wiping away the tears that threatened to come out any minute now.

"Thanks," he let out another smile, nodding to his boyfriend's word. "So, what is it? You told me on your mail that you want to talk about something tonight?"


"No?" he frowned his confusion at him.

"Nothing. I just thought I'd like to make a new kitchen set for our kitchen. Been thinking we need a bigger one."

"Sure. I'll get some handymen come and do it for you," he said while ruffling his hair softly.

And another smile when his lie passed him so easily. He told him thank you and he turned back to their bedroom, silently ripping away the 2 tickets to Osaka he ordered them as a surprise for him for their anniversary on his way, and tossed it down to the trash bin.

"I thought we've talked about this," he said to him from the corner of their bedroom, the tone of his voice keeps getting colder now he can feel it. He looked up to the ceiling, preventing his tears to come fall off his eyes as he sits on the edge of their bed.


"I know," his response was barely made out as a whisper.

Breakfast. Lazying around watching tv in his embrace before bedtime. Told him how his day been and to hear his story about how his day been. Go shopping together and fool around at the supermarket. Have a random midnight movie in nearby old movie theater. Celebrating. Go eat out on fancy dinner once in awhile. Anniversaries. All the things they used to do together… Together...

"I can't just… sacrificing away my dream now," he said and with all the courage left inside him, even with the falling tears, he turned to look at him.

To be together… even in the smallest minute of their day… For him to want to be there with him...

"But then, it's not what I'm asking you for, right?"

Kyoto, Totoro, Hongkong, Dubai, New York, Philipines, Singapore, all around the globe he's now been. Everywhere, everywhere but home. And he left him nothing but the sound of his voice checking up on him on their voicemail.

But tonight, tonight when he came home, he no longer bother to hear out to it.

"I'm… coming home to my parents tonight," the words surprisingly came out so calm out of lips after awhile spent in silence. He can see clearly how his face turned stiff upon the information he gave him, the bouquet of white roses in his hands slowly went lower.

He forced out his smile at him and it feels bitter. There's a battle in his heart over the thought 'things might be different now', that they might figure it out alright now. That he is here right now, might have cancelled all of those important works he usually prioritize over him, and it must means something.

He walked closer to him with his feet getting shaky by every step he took to get to him. And when he hugged him, he can't stop the flowing tears from his eyes. Burying himself on his chest, suddenly touched by his warmth, he'd never be able to live without him, he knows it, even know, after everything, yet, he's been living his life these passed years without him.

"I love you, Keito," he mumbled when he hugged him tighter.

"Then, you'll stay," it was a beg, an order that he desperately begged the time he hugged him back, even tighter.

"I have," he answered, feeling all the more helpless with the way his warmth wrapped him that almost got him change his mind.

"Stay longer," he insisted. "Stay forever," he whispered right beside his ear and it caused him whimpered weakly by the intimacy between them that he has never felt for so long.

"I'm coming home," he hardly managed to say it after he released their hug. Looking up to the pair of eyes that always shine a big amount of love for him, only for him, even til this day. "And you'll be just fine," he smiled, fixing a little his shirt. "Even without me…"

He almost caught him back in his embrace when he saw him taking off the ring from his finger. And he knows, when he did, caught him back in his embrace, he will no longer have any resistance of him. So he quickly returned the ring to the palm of his hand before leaving out of the door.
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